About Glitterbug

(Photo by Ronni Shendar)

Described by Rene Passet in the Dutch Magazine DJ Broadcast as: “Germany’s best kept techno secret”, Glitterbug is a misfit in the club world, yet one of its big contributors. Glitterbug is tearing down the cold concrete walls of the old minimal order with a warm, heart breaking, cinematic and genre bending style all his own. Glitterbug’s music is often described as a visual and score-like approach to club music, and his unique compositions and instrumentation have already titled him as one of the most interesting and unique producers today.

Based mostly in Cologne, Glitterbug has spent the last decade in countless projects - from his legendary, epic DJ sets (with impeccable three turntable mixing), to composing and producing club and film music, radio play, installations or as a curator, Glitterbug's engine has been roaring with a multitude of creative platforms.

Glitterbug started developing his unique musical racket and hum in the late 80’s in illegal acid parties and continued in Cologne's experimental techno scene in the 90's, strongly infused with a deep love for gay house music, as well as the early Chicago and the later Detroit sound. Combining the many worlds his feet tap in, Glitterbug has been trying to bring together new ideas, notions, content and emotions into new flavors that always re aimed at the heart.

When he is not stuck in his studio, he is busy with extensive international touring playing either as a DJ, performing his mesmerizing live show or the stunning joint audio-visual performance with acclaimed Israeli visual artist, Ronni Shendar.

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